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One Click Action

Recently I was explaining the potential of the nuxeo platform to one of my clients. I was walking them through all the features available on an Asset like adding as a favorite, starting a workflow, changing permissions, locking it in order than nobody else will change its metadata, etc. And, for them to realize how powerful the solution is I explained to them that all of these features could be combined into one action and run by just one click. This requires of course some advanced knowledge.

I told them to compare this as the Photoshop action feature which lets you record your actions and apply them by just one click.

As soon as I said that I felt that aha moment and realized that I was onto something!

From that moment, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, it became like an obsession to create something similar within the platform.

I was thinking of all the potentials and it really blew my mind. This is how I ended up implementing this feature called One Click which lets you record multiple actions on a document and run it on other documents.

The possibilities are limitless! A simple user could now create their own action and reduce the time spent on tasks that don't have a lot of value.

How it Works

First, you need to start the recording of the action. In order to do that you have a button on the document action bar named "Record Action":

Once you click on that button you end up with the following Dialog:

Starting from this point the system will record the actions that you are going to apply to your current document.

You will notice a group of icons in the left lower part of your screen. Each time you run an action it will be added to the recorded list.

You can now click on add to a collection button and create a VIP Collection, then add your contact in it.

Then you can start a Parallel Document Review Process in order to request some validation for this contact being part of the VIP list.

Once you are done recording you can press on the validate button and your new action will now be automatically available for every Contact.

Every time you press on that action you will be able to add your contact to the VIP Collection and start a validation workflow. You just combined 6 click actions into just 1!

Behind the Scene

Whenever you start recording, we create a listener for each action available on the document actions. Each listener will be able to store the action along with the parameters whenever the user clicks on the button.

Each action is converted into an automation script. For example, when the user adds a document to a collection we create the following automation script:


At the end of the recording, we combine all the scripts and run them whenever the user clicks on the button.

We could also take this further. By automatically recording users' actions it will be possible to detect patterns using AI and unlock new actions that will help users to reduce the number of clicks to accomplish a given task. This feature will be available in the next release of our CCM plugin. You can also install it right now from our GitHub repository.

Stay tuned...

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