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Finding Your Content

A potential customer in the marketing industry explained to me how they are struggling to find content that they have created.

« A content that is not classified properly is a content that has no value » is what they say. The problem with this approach is that it takes a lot of time to store content properly. Take an asset for example. A designer spends a lot of time focusing on how a logo should look, the message behind it, the colors that should be used, etc.

One can even create multiple versions of the same asset before finding the right solution.

But if at the end of the day all these intermediary contents are stored in a file system, where it’s hard to find them, then it will have no more value for the firm. it doesn’t make sense to have hundreds of Terabytes of contents if they’re not exploitable.

Now imagine if you could have a solution where you can still store the different versions of your assets in one place, organized by the end customer, you are making it way easier for your coworkers to find a given asset related to a given customer. Of course, you can go further, by putting additional metadata added manually or automatically extracted from these assets. The more metadata the more searchable and findable the asset will become.

Luckily nuxeo platform has all the necessary features for this. All you need is add the CCM plugin on top of it and add the CRM dimension to your platform :).

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