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Standing On The Shoulders of Giants

Today we released Qualitified CCM v3.10.

Our release is publicly available for download and so is the code source.

We are happy to be part of the open-source community and share the passion of creating something that we hope will be very useful.

This first release took us almost 3 years of hard work, long nights (and long weekends) of feature developments and bug fix: it was a very difficult journey but also very exciting!

We wanted to build something easy to use, this is the reason why the package is preconfigured with sample data. You just need to download it, unzip it and start it!

All of this work wouldn’t have been possible without using the frameworks nuxeo and Elastic Search. Needless to say that we are “Standing On The Shoulders of Giants” here.

What’s in it? Once you logged in, you land on the dashboard which contains a preconfigured report of your deals and activities related to your sales.

Consider this as your deals pipeline in a glimpse. By default, we filter the deals by their close date and only show those that are in the current semester.

You can then navigate to your accounts list, from the left menu, and have a 360° view o each of your customers. You get to find the Opportunities, Contacts, Interactions, Solicitations, etc. related to the given customer.

Everything you need to know about your customer is in one place. You can of course store Documents, organized by folders. This will make it way easier to find content related to the customer.

The next menu is the Opportunities (aka Deals). From this, you have complete control over which Deals you should work on, what is the progress made, on each of them and also be able to move forward with your deal by changing the step.

Each of the Opportunity sheets has an amount, a state, a title, a description and last but not least a close date. This information is crucial because it will help the Sales Rep to focus on deals that are supposed to close soon and do the right action at the right moment.

Each of the activities related to the deal (call, meeting, email, etc.) is going to be logged in the sheet. This will help to understand the current situation of the deal based on the history of activities.

You also have a way to access your contacts list of course along with their email address, phone number, role, address, etc.

Last but not least, you will be able to have an overview of all interactions, in order to see which ones should be handled first.

This is a very quick overview of what's in our CCM, we will soon create a video of a demo to give you more details.

Meanwhile, don't hesitate to download it and play with it. If you have any questions or feedback don't hesitate to send us a message through our website.

We will answer you! Enjoy.

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