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Why you need a CCM (Customer Content Management)

For Sales Reps it's a constant challenge to find references whenever they try to sell a product to a prospect. 

Every time, these people need to convince their prospects in order to make more sales.
The main problem they face is to clearly identify the key references to put forward in order to have a maximum chance of winning a deal.
Today their best option is to ask the goto person in order to find those valuable references or to look into the traditional CRM solution, but of course, these solutions aren't always 100% accurate and don't provide all the potential references.
If only there was a better way of finding references by using multiple criterias there will be a better outcome in terms of references which will lead to a higher conversion of deals.
This is exactly why Qualitified CCM is built for. By putting every information related to the customer in one place, you get the benefit of searching and finding the best references for you future deals. These information can be structured like the industry type, size etc but also information that are unstructured, words present in the proposal, RFP, or even the conversations you had with the customer.
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